Rare Planet Collection is a unique partnership between Edward Adams & Gary Ashburn who collectively have more than 30 years of collecting experience. At Rare Planet Collection we are dedicated to sourcing rare, unique and one of a kind collectables from across the globe and beyond

About Edward Adams

Edward Adams has been an avid investor in interesting and rare collectibles and memorabilia for the past eight years. During this time, he has accumulated a fascinating collection of over 1,500 pieces ranging across the Sport, TV, Film, Music, Royalty and History fields.

Among his own collection are some unique Historical Documents and important items of Ephemera. Additionally, some incredible Film props and significant Music related memorabilia form part of this stunning collection. Edward also owns over 1,000 images of The Beatles dating back from their first ever tour of the USA in 1964.

Through his successful media company Firefly Entertainment Limited Edward also owns and manages a large Film and Music Library. Outside of these areas he also runs a well known conference and leisure business in Cannes, in the South of France, called the ‘Villa Mystique’.

The name say what we are...

We specialise in unique and truly Rare Collectables and Memorabilia from across the globe and even beyond. Items that are both magnificent and highly sought after – the ‘crème de la crème’ of pieces whether they be singular, or part of a stunning collection.

So whether it be a beautiful and highly desirable piece of Art, a fabulous Antique in pristine condition, or the genuine signature of a Historical Hero or a Music genius – these are the types of items that we constantly research, identify and locate for our discerning clients.

With over 30 years experience in the world of collectibles and a carefully selected network of trade specialists, auction houses and eager connoisseur collectors, enables us to use our knowledge, experience and contacts to broker a bespoke sales service for any clients wishing to dispose of complete collections, or a particularly outstanding item of interest.

Please do contact us in the first instance, we treat our clients as individuals and we can discuss in the strictest confidence your future requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you…

Welcome to the fascinating World of Professor George Rusu and his amazing collection – The History of Man’s Flight.

Apart from helping to design some of Manhattan’s famous landmarks, George is a true visionary and with innovation,

From Montgolfier Brothers first balloon flight in 1783 to Louis Bleirot, Amelia Earhart, the Wright Brothers to Zeppelins, to Russia launching the World’s first journey into Space with Sputnik 1, to that famous day when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin actually walked on the Moon.

This unique collection of incredible Rarities, includes some fantastic relics of true aviation history and original artifacts from Space Exploration, including the only known piece in existence of Sputnik1 which orbited the Earth, but was destroyed upon its return.

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